Uruba Rehman

Uruba Rehman is a fiber artist based in Texas. She learned this amazing art of making beautiful things tying knots (macrame) when she was a teenager. She revived her learnings from all these years ago during one of her 'I am bored out of my mind' sessions while we were in pandemic lockdowns. She is also a financial analyst by the day and she hopes to be able to dedicate all her time to creating new macrame designs and wall hangings for you all to enjoy. When she is not Knotting, she loves to spend time in nature, curl up with a good book, enjoy some tea and watch true crime thriller shows. She is thrilled that you are here and she could not be more excited to know what you want her to make for you!

  • Ethical and Sustainable

    One of our core missions is to ensure that all materials are ethically sourced and we conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner. We ensure this by using recycled cotton cords for our projects and we have designed our packaging to be less wasteful. Most of the items from our packaging supplies can be composted, reused or recycled.

  • Customer Focused

    Customer is always right for us. We strive to become a highly customer focused small business. It is of paramount importance to us to keep each of our customers happy and content with the product. We like to do something extra for you, that's why we offer you free shipping all across the United States.

  • Quality Products

    We carefully select only the highest quality fibers from around the world in our shop. All of our products are hand picked for their quality and consistency and are carefully quality controlled from the start till the end. We use the best quality dyes to color the cords and they are air dried for best results.